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Condolence From: Sandi Bybee
Condolence: Christy, Dan and Wyatt
So sorry to hear about your the passing of your mom/grandmother. She was a great lady and will be missed for sure. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday February 28, 2017
Condolence From: Desira
Condolence: Mom, What a beautiful service in your honor today. You looked so pretty and in peace. Steve and Corinne chose the most perfect songs today. And as always, Corinne, in her strength, did the readings. Hailey sang "Wind beneath my Wings" as we all know this was one of your favorite songs. Lots of people came who spoke of your kindness and charm. And, you would be amazed at how many people looked at your pictures from your past and actually thought it was me. We will always have wonderful, funny stories of how you made us laugh. You did such a great job of making your children and grandchildren feel loved, unconditionally. I will never forget that you were always there for me. You'd be so proud of us, and just know that Steve, Christy and I will always stay close and never stop contacting each other. Thank you for teaching us love. I will miss you so much, my beautiful mother. But I will always have the memory of your face in my mind for support. I love you, little mama.
Tuesday February 28, 2017
Condolence From: Shirley McAdams
Condolence: I am so blessed to have Wanda as my older sister. The memories are precious and many. She always made everyone feel loved and welcome. She gave her all to everything she did and had a true servants heart. From swimming pools to El Gulfo to the Black Hills in full sunburn array, it was always exciting and special. I thank God for His creating you Wanda. You will always be missed and loved and soon we shall enjoy eternity where there is only joy. Love you always.
Monday February 27, 2017
Condolence From: Betty McAdams
Condolence: It seems like yesterday we were two young teenage girls flitting around trying to catch Roy and Jerry's eye. Catch their eye we did married to each other well over 50 years. Raising some wonderful children together, vacations together that was all the cake the icing was having you as a sister and beloved friend.

I will miss your frequent pocket calls . (Technology not one of our things).

The Lord blessed us when he allowed us to be part of your life. Until we meet on the other side.
Monday February 27, 2017
Condolence From: Leone McAdams
Condolence: Wanda - my "first" daughter to come into my life, you were going to be six in a month and I was 18 when I married your Dad. Through trials and errors, we became a family that also included your brother Jerry.
You and I had a special bond and we shared moments as we both grew up. You were such a help when your Dad and I had two girls in your teens.
Of course visiting you and family after you married Roy and had a family of your own was always great. We missed you a lot when you moved from this area and the visits became farther apart.
My sorrow in losing you is lessened some by knowing you are free of the pain you have endured for a number of years.
You now rest in the arms of Jesus - Have a good rest my dear.
I love you,
Monday February 27, 2017
Condolence From: Brenda McAdams
Condolence: Beloved Sister,
So many memories, it's hard to pick a few. Some of the very best are of vacations spent with you. We made the trip in "Betsy" the blue car from Yuma to Rapid City and it was a wonderful adventure (even the one-car tunnels heading to Mount Rushmore). I remember thinking that mayonnaise cake sounded absolutely gross and then ended up loving it. Your fudge is one to remember and who cares that we ate it with a spoon. :-)
Your house was always home to me and I treasure all the memories of time spent there with you.
I know Heaven welcomed you and Dad was the first to hug you, beloved pets greeted you and Skeeter gave you many kisses.
I do not say goodbye merely so long until we sit at the family table again together. I love you more than you know.
Sunday February 26, 2017
Condolence From: Hailey Himes
Condolence: My grandma Wanda was the sweetest woman in the world. She showed complete unconditional love to her entire family. I'll never forget the things I've learned from her: love exceeds money, coffee is amazing, microwaves don't always have to be used as microwaves, mini dachshunds are the best dogs out there, it's okay to buy another crossword puzzle book even though you already have so many with unsolved puzzles, watching C.O.P.S. or forensic files makes you realize how good your life is, and many many more. I will cherish every memory I have with her. I remember when she used to make green pancakes and milk for st Patrick's day and I wouldn't drink the milk because it looked so gross. I remember her getting frustrated with me when I'd pour a glass of milk because I'd never drink it all. I remember how delicious her pancakes were. I remember how she'd always want to take a nap after she cleaned up after the meal. I remember how much she hated when I took pictures with her, but she'd let me do it anyways. I remember her saying "I'm a fox" when she was in the hospital a couple of days before she passed. She was right. She is a fox, and I feel blessed being her granddaughter. I remember her soft voice and loving, fragile hugs. I love you to the moon and back Grandma Wanda. Rest In Peace beautiful soul.
Saturday February 25, 2017