Local Radio Stations

Below is a list of local and area radio stations that commonly announce death notices and obituaries.   Some also post the obituaries on their websites.


KSID Radio  

2306 Legion Park Road Sidney NE 69162
Phone: 308-254-5803
Alternate Phone: 800-322-5743
Website: http://www.ksidradio.com/


KOGA Radio  
P.O. Box 509 Ogallala NE 69153
Phone: 308-284-3633
Alternate Phone: 800-658-4445
Website: http://www.997thelake.com
Email: katrinatwomey@clearchannel.com
Contact: Katrina Twomey


KNEB Radio  
1928 E Portal Place Scottsbluff NE 69363
Phone: 308-632-7121
Website: http://www.kneb.com
Email: clarson@kneb.com
Contact: Craig Larson

Order a Book of Memories

The Book of Memories™ helps with the memorialization; any family member or friend can take advantage of this free service by creating an account and a book to memorialize their loved one.


Dying is one of the few events in life that is certain to occur, yet one we are not likely to plan for. Should we really spend more time preparing for two weeks away from work than we do our last days on Earth?

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